contest von EUCW mbr UQRQC 20. Juli morgens

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contest von EUCW mbr UQRQC 20. Juli morgens

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1. ORGANIZER: UQRQC (United QRQ Club).

2. DATE AND TIME: July 20, 2019 from 03:00 to 07:00 UTC.

A – UQRQC members, multi bands;
B – single operator, multi bands;
C – multi-operators, multi bands, single transmitter.
Duplicate QSOs may be made only on different bands. At any
moment the station may emit only one signal.

4. BANDS: 3510-3560, 7010-7040, 14010-14060, 21010-21080,
28010-28080 kHz

5. MODE: CW.


7. EXCHANGE: RST + serial number + name of the operator. Above
that UQRQC members shall transmit after the slash their membership

- for QSO with your own country from “R-150-S” award list
  2 points;
- for QSO with another country from “R-150-S” award list
  on your own continent 3 points;
- for QSO with another continent 4 points.

9. MULTIPLIER: Every QSO with UQRQC member gives one point for
the multiplier.

10. SCORING: Result is calculated as multiplication of sum of
the points on all bands by the sum of the multipliers on all bands.

Following QSOs will not be counted:
- with corrupted call signs and exchange numbers,
- with discrepancy in bands and in time of QSO of more than
2 minutes. QSOs with the stations not submitted the logs will be
counted if their callings will appear in 5 or more received logs.

11. AWARDS: Participants taking first places in their categories
will be awarded with prizes and pennants, taking second and third
places – with pennants. Participants taking first, second and
third places in their categories on their continents and in their
countries will be awarded with electronic certificates. Special
prizes will be awarded for highest number of QSOs conducted within
any random taken hour and for highest number of QSOs with UQRQC

12. LOGS: Logs in electronic form shall be sent via e-mail as
attached file. File format is Cabrillo. Call sign and category
shall be indicated in the field “Theme” of the letter (Ex:
RA3ABC  B). Exchange numbers shall not have any space between
the name and membership number. Information about equipment and
antennas, comments and suggestions in letter body are welcome.
Claimants for special prize shall indicate in their logs the hour
within which highest number of QSOs was made. Logs shall be sent
to: uqrqc(at)bk(dot)ru. One may upload his log with checking the
correctness of its execution at: Deadline for
sending the logs – August 05, 2019.

Examples of filling QSO lines for the log in Cabrillo format:
------info sent----------------------- ---------info rcvd--------------------
QSO: freq  mo date       time call         rst nr  name/nr           call rst nr  name/nr
QSO: ***** ** yyyy-mm-dd nnnn ************ nnn nnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ************ nnn nnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

for UQRQC members:
QSO:  7017 CW 2019-07-20 0417 RA1BBB       599 001 MIKE/198          UA8DDD 589 039 STEPAN
QSO: 14023 CW 2019-07-20 0419 RA1BBB       599 002 MIKE/198          UA2KKK 599 044 VLAD/8

for other participants:
QSO:  3525 CW 2019-07-20 0406 RA3BBB       599 001 SERGE             UA8DDD 579 025 STEPAN
QSO: 14021 CW 2019-07-20 0421 RA3BBB       599 002 SERGE             UA2KKK 599 046 VLAD/8