1st English post: EUCW QRS Week

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1st English post: EUCW QRS Week

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Hi all,

S+L has not even begun but another milestone in the EUCW calendar is already visible. It is a particularly important one because it concerns our FUTURE. CW cannot persist if we don't make it attractive for newcomers. Over the last 30 years or so the CW exams were phased out slowly by reducing CW requirements under practical levels. If 6 wpm was the requirement to get the ticket hardly anybody was empowered to survive on the CW bands.

Today, at least most Western European countries have given up the CW exam as lis requirement and the few who decided to start learning CW get frustrated too fast when thrown into the deep waters of the CW oceans.

Let's break this vicious circle at least for five days: It is my pleasure to invite you to the 14TH QRS WEEK of the EuCW from

MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014 (0z) thru FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014 (2359z)
URL: eucw.org/euqrs.html

The short version of the rules is: HAVE QSOs at 14 WpM or BELOW.
The long version is available in English, French, Spanish, and German. If you feel like adding your language, I would be most grateful.

The activity was originally hosted by FISTS but was transferred to AGCW three years ago. As such it it is hosted by myself ik2rmz. Nevertheless, FISTS Editor G3ZOD, extended his PC SOFTWARE for logging, log conversion, and scoring to the 2014.

PLEASE, PLEASE, take the chance to support this activity by YOUR presence. If you do, you can use these contacts for the S+L game, too (and for the German AGCW FSA as well).

FURTHERMORE, there is also an SWL version of the QRSW at the same time. It aims to those lack the courage to come on air. We made a considerable effort to design smart SWL rules which encourage real SWLing and discourage the use of clusters or such.
See eucw.org/euqrsswl.html (only English).

History and practice of QRSW over recent years

On the positive side, the QRSW is well-established and it is my impression that
during the 5 days of the QRSW there is really more QRS on air than usual.
Last year I had the pleasure to have a QSO with a young boy who claimed that this was his very first CW QSO. At the time he was using a trainee call with the prefix DN.

On the negative side, the QRSW participation was low enough over the years that FISTS gave up its host function even though FISTS was the creator.

In the club comparison class FISTS kept on being club winner even after the shift to AGCW. Isn't there any club to challenge FISTS?
In fact, the typical client groups are
- FISTS contesters (a small but dedicated group of people that loves events and activities being more challenging than a 599001 contest).
- QRPers, there is not only a dedicated QRP class but the QRP rate in logs is much higher than usual.
- Old timers and others who love to use straight keys and for whom the 14 WpM limit is not a restriction.

73, ecm@agcw