MARCONI Club Aktivitaet am 4. Januar 2020

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MARCONI Club Aktivitaet am 4. Januar 2020

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QSP von der EUCW

Kurzfristig eine Info zu einer Aktivität des Marconi-Club
am 4.1.2020

ARI Loano - Marconi Club 04.01.2020 activity on the air
I inform you that A.R.I Loano, to promote the MARCONI CLUB A.R.I.
LOANO, founded on May the 8th 1988 by Libero Meriggi I1YXN, strongly
motivated by the famous DXpeditioners Baldur DJ6SI, intend to
organize a day to introduce the new generations to the Club, and
bring together all those who truly love in the wonderful art of
telegraphy. For having a successfully event, we ask you to spend a
few hours on the key. Date: 04/01/2020
Time: from 09:00 UTC - 21:00 UTC. Band : 20m - 40m - 80m - Exchange:
"CQ MCD" - RST report and the membership number. Non members: RST
report + progressive number (Logs: