1.1. BUG TAG

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1.1. BUG TAG

Beitrag von ik2rmz » 30 Dez 2016, 22:51

Hallo OPs,

auf der EUCW-Mailliste kam eine Erinnerung an den Bug-Tag des FOC am Neujahrstag

Bug Day 2017

The first of two Bug Days will be held on *Sunday 1st January 2017, 0000z
to 2359z*.

This event open to everyone. Benny K5KV will be compiling a list of
participants and any votes for 'smoothest fist'. The exchange is expected
to include, at the very least, a description of the bug being used.

Participants can contact Benny K5KV at k5kvm5@gmail.com with questions,
comments or reports.

73, Iain M0PCB
FOC Activities Coordinator