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Hallo AGCW,

gerade kam auf der EUCW-Liste eine neue Meldung herein über eine Aktivität eines EUCW-Schwesterklubs. Ich lasse es erst mal auf Englisch. Sollte ein Interessent Probleme damit haben, bitte melden. Es sind vier einwöchige QRPAktivitäten, es ist jeweils die erste volle Kalenderwoche zum Quartalsbeginn.


Under the patronage of the Montebelluna (TV) ARI Section, the IQRP CLUB, an association of Italian and foreign radio amateurs expert in the field of low power transmissions (QRP), promotes and organizes the first edition of the



to connect any Italian or foreign station during the first week of each quarter of 2016.


From Monday 4th January to Sunday 10th January (IQRP MARATHON FIRST QUARTER)
From Monday 4th April to Sunday 10th April (IQRP MARATHON SECOND QUARTER)
From Monday 4th July to Sunday 10th July (IQRP MARATHON THIRD QUARTER)
From Monday 3th October to Sunday 9th January (IQRP MARATHON FOURTH QUARTER)

from Monday 08:00 am UTC to Sunday 08:00 pm


QSO in CW, PHONE (SSB), DIGITAL MODES (RTTY and PSK31) are allowed in the bands HF,VHF, UHF


CW calls must be made as follows: CQ IQRP MAR de (CALL) QRP.
Phone calls must be made as follows: CQ IQRP Marathon from (CALL) QRP


Maximum power allowed: 5W


1 point for each QSO. Only the Km of the QSO with greatest QRB are considered as a multiplier, which is calculated by dividing the number of Km by 100 (Km/100) .


A separate ranking will be drafted for each week and published The final ranking will be the sum of each score.


The logs of each week will be mailed within the following two weeks only in ADIF format in attachment to The two locators (both of the participant and of the OM with whom QSO with the best QRB was made) will be indicated in the body of the message in order to calculate the multiplier. In absence of locators no multiplier will be calculated. Printed logs or in other formats will not be accepted.


The first three stations of the ranking of each quarter will be awarded. Furthermore the first three stations of the final ranking will be awarded.


Upon communicating his/her own log each participant declares to have read and understood the Rules of the Marathon as well as:

1. to have operated according to laws and rules provided by his/her own Country for the Radio Amateur Service

2. not to have used power greater than 5W.

3. that his/her own log may be put into public domain

4. to accept any decision of the organizers.

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Ein neues Thema erstellen Auf das Thema antworten  [ 1 Beitrag ] 

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