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CT1DRB - David - #3992.

Verfasst: 29 Dez 2017, 20:59
von ct1drb
Hello all,

my call is ct1drb, name is David and my qth is close to Lisbon. First of all excuse me for the english text but my German is very rusty and I do not feel comfortable writing in German language, up to now.

I have been ham since 1986 and CW plays a important role in my activity. Some some years ago I have decided to do exclusively CW and so far so good. Today morning I got an invitation from AGCW and I tough, why not join to the AGCW ? So I decided to the yes answer and here I am.

Despite lack of good antennas (I only have magnetic loop antennas on roof) I have participated in several contests, usually on QRP or in LOW power, and have got nice scores, at same time I have had fun and increase my skills.

Current log software is the RUMlogNG from DL2RUM Tom and it is just an amazing software. For contests I use RUMlogNG or SkookumLogger, it depends of the contest.

Up to now is all.

To all my AGCW colleges I wish a Happy New Year 2018 and a lot of CW qso's as well.

Re: CT1DRB - David - #3992.

Verfasst: 31 Dez 2017, 14:58
von DL9FCQ
Hey David, very nice decision.
Welcome and all best wishes and DXes for 2018,

Re: CT1DRB - David - #3992.

Verfasst: 31 Dez 2017, 15:29
von ct1drb
Hi Tom,

ok, tks, best HNY 2018 for you and your family.

David Quental

Re: CT1DRB - David - #3992.

Verfasst: 31 Dez 2017, 15:30
von DL9FCQ
Thanks David.
CU on SW....Hit it! :mrgreen:

Re: CT1DRB - David - #3992.

Verfasst: 29 Dez 2018, 13:08
von DL3MBE
Hi David,
welcome in the group.
I hope to meet you on the band.
I am daily QRV in CW and QRP.
73 from Bavarian de
Hans - DL3MBE