New QRP Activity

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New QRP Activity

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Dies kam über die interne EUCW Liste
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 23:59:15 +0300
From: RN3ANT
Subject: [EuCW] Whole year QRP-event

Hi OMs!

You know, QRP QSO's are made mostly in CW mode, and most of european
QRP clubs are members of EUCW, so I hope this message would not be an
offtopic here in EUCW.
I ask you, OMs, to distribute an invitation in your national and local
radio amateur societies.

Many of us have already noticed that we meet in the Internet more often
than in the radio amateur air. The Net gradually robs us all more time
to the detriment of the air (as radio as physically).
We with our friends from the RU-QRP Club tried to think up an event in
order to increase the activity on QRP frequencies in the air instead of
Internet trifle.
We called this event as "QRP Year". Conditions for participation are
simple and democratic: establish 2 way QRP QSOs as many as possible
during whole year with a greater number of correspondents, each of them
is counted only once. All participants will get electronic certificates,
and the winners in various categories & prizes, souvenirs and various
useful amateur stuff.
We are already supported by G-QRP, QRP ARCI, RU-QRP and hope for
support of other QRP and radio amateur clubs in whole.
The first round of the event began in January and reports have already
been received, but because so many of our colleagues will just learn
about it, we decided to extend the reception of reports for January
until the end of the first round, whole February inclusive.
Read more at our website and join us!

Many thanks for your efforts, OMs!
73! Yours,